Why Moldovan honey is the gold standard for quality and flavour

Moldova’s honey is rapidly gaining an international reputation for quality, and it’s easy to see why.

Its gently rolling hills are richly coated with a fertile black soil, or chernozem, containing high levels of potassium and phosphorus - all of which work to produce the agriculture Moldova is known for.

It's this rich soil that produces the lavender, acacia, buckwheat, sage, and linden that flavour My Naturii’s honey: and it shows in every delicately-scented drop of golden nectar.

Low levels of industrialisation and pollution (farmland covers 75% of Moldova’s territory), also means bees are free to roam undisturbed by human interference through crystal-clear air, and feast on flowers grown in the best, most natural conditions.

Our honey benefits from Moldovan bees and flowers, but another factor that makes it so special is Moldova’s rich heritage of artisanal, family-owned beekeeping farms, where generations of beekeepers have passed down and refined the art of extracting golden honey from traditional hives.

This village-level style of beekeeping has worked to allow beekeepers to closely monitor the health of their bees and hives, as well as keep tabs on honey production, separate unique floral varieties of honey, and to harvest honey when it’s of the highest quality. 

So it’s no surprise when we were looking to source our honey, we knew it had to be Moldova. And we found the best the country had to offer: Regina Naturii.

Regina Naturii, which means ‘Queen of Nature’ in Romanian, was founded in 2014 and started operations with 100 beehives. By embracing a royal spirit of excellence, translated into a mission to distill the best of nature’s bounty in each drop of honey, it has managed to grow from that 100 hives to 500 of their own, in addition to a successful network of local beekeepers who provide pure, natural raw honey in keeping with the high standards of traditional Moldovan honey production.

Photo taken from Regina Naturii's Facebook page.


Regina Naturii has successfully managed to marry traditional methods with state-of-the-start honey processing, producing natural raw honey that boasts exquisite flavours and so impressed judges at the London Honey Awards, they took home gold, silver, and bronze medals for quality.

But don’t just take our word for it - try it for yourself! Whether you’re looking for the rich, bold flavour of buckwheat honey, the creamy floral notes of lavender honey, or sage honey with its hints of butterscotch, our range of Regina Naturii honey is sure to please your palate and leave sweet memories in its wake.

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