Top quality honey at fair prices: Here's how we do it

What if we told you raw, top-quality honey didn’t have to cost an arm and a leg?

Walking down a supermarket aisle, it’s clear that raw honey can go for up to RM200 a jar - but we don’t believe that trying to incorporate more natural food into your diet has to blow your entire weekly grocery budget.

At My Naturi, we have two fair price goals: for you to benefit from affordably-priced top-quality honey, and for the beekeepers who produce our honey to receive a fair wage.

These goals go hand-in-hand with our mission to make superfoods accessible to everyone and empower you towards living a healthier lifestyle through the foods you consume.

Our honey is, on average, up to 50% cheaper than other raw honey brands in supermarkets - and here’s how we do it:

First, we ensure we’re paying a fair price for the range of Regina Naturii honey we import from Moldova - beekeepers work day in and day out to ensure our artisanal honey is sustainably sourced from the finest flowers, and deserve a fair wage for their efforts.

Second, we keep our operational costs low. My Naturi operates as a startup, which means our co-founders spent a great deal of time creating an automated business system that doesn’t require a high staff headcount, reducing the overhead costs. This means we can pass our savings on to you!

Our co-founder, Rodica Belosocov, has this to say about our fair price business ethic: “When businesses have to choose between wealth creation and fair prices, which often means cutting margins, they end up going to market with high prices. I really think we can do better, as a society."

“We built this company to help introduce premium superfoods, which are currently too expensive for the average consumer, and play a part in building a healthier society.”

Our commitment to giving back doesn't stop at fair prices - we also work with local organisations, like soup kitchen Seso, in order to amplify our positive outreach.

By buying our fair price honey, you're joining our Fair One movement, dedicated to ensuring consumers and honey producers alike receive a fair price. Shop our range of ethical, sustainably-produced, raw honey here!

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