MY NATURI was born out of the idea that high-quality, natural food products could be brought to the Malaysian consumer at fair prices.

From award-winning Moldovan honey, Malaysian chocolate and premium European walnuts to mineral water from remote Georgian springs, we provide Malaysian consumers an unprecedented level of access to the best products from independent farmers and producers – at prices they can afford.

MY NATURI spans multiple countries across three continents (so far), and we work with limited stock, minimized container loads, and pre-order waiting lists to ensure zero product waste and the smallest carbon footprint.

how it all started

About the Founders

MY NATURI cofounders Rodica Belocosov and Thomas Stoffels met when they came to Malaysia in 2017 for an internship at a small startup in Kuala Lumpur. They loved the city so much they decided to stay instead of returning to Europe.

But they missed one thing about their home countries: the access to high-quality, natural food products that weren’t so expensive.

In 2020, with all that extra time in quarantine, they started MY NATURI to bring better, tastier, and healthier options from small farmers and producers straight to the kitchens of Malaysian families.

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The Fair One Movement

We are The Fair One.

We champion fair prices for discerning consumers in Southeast Asia who want to enjoy premium and natural food products.

We champion fair access to new markets for independent farmers and producers who don’t have the resources to do so on their own.

We focus on processes that produce zero product waste, to ensure the journey of our products is fair to our planet.

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