The top, scientifically proven, benefits of honey

Forget bears, humans have been honey’s no.1 fans since the Stone Age. It’s gone from being stored in gourd jars in Mesolithic-era Spain, to intricately decorated clay pots in Ancient Greece, to glass honey jars in today’s supermarket shelves. 

It’s been poured over Hindu deities, and used to sweeten food as well as embalm the dead in Ancient Egypt. 

And over the millennia that human civilisation has existed, honey has made a name for itself as one of nature’s best nutritional healers - and with good reason.

The top 5 proven health benefits of honey

It’s antibacterial

The hydrogen peroxide, that most bees deposit into honey as they synthesize flower pollen, is a natural antiseptic. Add that to the naturally acidic nature of honey, and you end up with a potent brew of antibacterial properties.

Science has proven that the ancient folk remedies of using honey to heal bacterial and fungal infections are absolutely legitimate. This golden nectar works to combat a whole host of bacteria, including E. coli and salmonella, which explains why it has gained the reputation of working wonders against gastric issues.

It soothes your throat

Oxford University researchers have found that honey works better than over-the-counter medication at reducing the severity and frequency of coughs, sore throats and could also serve as an inexpensive, all-natural alternative to antibiotics.

And with antibiotic resistance being named as one of the world’s most pressing public health concerns by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, reach out for that jar of honey in your pantry the next time you feel a tickle in your throat!

It improves athletic performance

The University of Memphis’ sports nutrition lab has found that honey works just as well - or better! - than glucose or sugar water in boosting endurance athletes’ staying power.

Researchers say that honey could work as a “time-released” muscle fuel for exercising muscles, performing at the same level of dextrose.

It prevents artery hardening

Artery hardening is a leading cause of death worldwide - but the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds in honey can help combat that. 

According to this paper, honey contains over 180 substances, including natural sugars and a staggering range of vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals, all of which work to counter the oxidization of low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol that leads to inflammation and hardened arteries. 

It can improve oral health

You might not associate something as sweet as honey to be good for your oral health, but studies have shown that honey offers protection against plaque and gingivitis (while being delicious!).

In a study comparing the benefits of honey chews against sugar-free chewing gum, the honey chews recorded “statistically higher significant reductions in the mean plaque scores and the percentage of bleeding sites” than sugar-free gum. 

Bonus benefit:

It’s good for your skin

Raw honey is, as we’ve discussed at length, absolutely jam-packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. All these components make it one of the best, all-natural skin foods you can add to your beauty regimen.

The antibacterial properties of honey, which work to promote gut and oral health, also work to balance the bacteria on your face, making it an effective home remedy for acne.

And honey’s ability to speed up your skin’s healing processes also makes this a good, natural product that could help eczema.

The slightly acidic nature of honey lends itself to exfoliation - just spread it on your skin to remove its dry, dull exterior, leaving glowing, fresh skin!

Please do note that these amazing benefits only apply to raw honey - not processed! Raw honey is extracted directly from the hives, filtered only to remove small bits of wax and other impurities, then poured into jars and sealed before heading directly to your kitchen. 

No heating or processing ensures this type of honey retains the most natural, beneficial compounds. Shop our range of delicious, award-winning, raw honey here.

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