French Fernor Walnuts


The Fernor walnut is a french variety walnut known for its superior taste and richness in nutritions. My Naturi works directly with the walnut farmers. These walnuts come from a single orchard located in the rolling hills of Moldova. 

Due to its incredible fertile soil, walnuts from Moldova are among the best in the world. And with economical methods of harvesting we can offer them at a fair price. The Moldovan walnut differentiates itself by having an intense nutty taste and great freshness. While most walnuts are simply used for garnishing, these can be the main ingredient due to their rich taste. 

The walnuts come in-shell which makes sure their taste and freshness is superbly maintained. Walnuts in-shell always have a richer and more nutty and fresh taste compared to shelled walnuts. It also ensures the walnuts can be stored for a much longer time. 

Disclaimer: the walnut packaging displayed in the photo is for creative purposes. The actual packaging will differ depending on the amount of walnuts you purchase (bag versus box). 

We always advise to crack open walnuts with a proper tool, such as a (wal)nut cracker. We advise against using alternative methods like knives and hammers. We will be offering walnut crackers on our platform soon, meanwhile most grocery shops near you will have them in their collection. 


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