Raw Honey, Buckwheat



It's our mission to provide the Malaysian consumer access to fair priced healthy food products.

  • An all natural gift from nature. 100% pure, premium raw honey, nothing has been added
  • Orders are shipped out within 12 to 24 hours
  • All official certifications & lab results available here 
  • Do not feed raw honey to infants under 12 months of age

    A Silver Award Winner in the London International Honey Quality Competition 2021. Our bees visit the freshest buckwheat flowers to harvest this nutrient-rich, earthy-tasting nectar that is delicious when drizzled over cheddar or chocolate gelato. Add it to your food or use it as a base for meat glazes for a powerful pop of flavour that instant elevates your culinary experience. Considered as one of the most medicinal honeys around. 

    Buckwheat honey has an earthy aroma and malty flavour reminiscent of rich molasses, with a hint of nutty sweetness. Perfect to drizzle over whipped feta, cheddar, or chocolate gelato. Or, as a maple syrup substitute on hot cakes, waffles, or mascarpone-filled crepes.


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