Organic Acai Powder


Our 100% organic acai powder is harvested from the Amazonian jungles of Brazil, halal-certified and packed with no added sugar.

Açaì (pronounced “ah-sigh-eeh”) berries have exploded in popularity in recent years, and are widely touted as a powerful addition to the superfood family. It’s easy to see why: each luscious purple berry is bursting with antioxidants, vitamins, and fibre, which all work to boost skin, brain, and heart health.


Robust and woody but not overpowering, with the subtle hint of rosemary
Add it to pancakes, acai bowls, and smoothies for a burst of nutrition and start your day right!

  • Perfect in acai bowls, smoothie bowls, pancakes and smoothies


It's our mission to provide the Malaysian consumer access to fair priced healthy food products.

  • An all natural gift from nature. 100% pure and premium, nothing has been added
  • Orders are shipped out within 12 to 24 hours


    • Antioxidant-rich
    • Boosts immune strength
    • Boosts heart health
    • Boosts brain health


    Harvested from deep in the Brazillian Amazon jungle


    Do you add any colourings to your acai powder?

    • Absolutely not! The beautiful purple hue is 100% derived from the acai berry itself, which is also a deep purple.

    Is the acai powder organic?

    • Yes it is - we source our powder from a supplier that holds all the relevant organic certification.

    Is acai safe for kids?

    • Yes, acai is not only safe for kids, its fun colour also makes their meals look more interesting in an instant!

    How long is its shelf life?

    • 1-2 years. Please refer to the back label of each product for storage conditions.

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