My Naturi Season One

Join our superfood democracy: My Naturi Seasons

Hello there! We have some exciting news that will change your superfood experience for good and empower you to take the lead in deciding what goes on your plate. 

Are you ready for a superfood democracy? Because we are!

When we started daydreaming about My Naturi, we weren’t just thinking about selling products - we visualised a buzzing, thriving community of people who would actively share their opinions on our products with us - and each other.

We dreamed of meeting, and building, a close-knit group of people who, like us, wanted to experience the benefits (and deliciousness) of ethically sourced, power-packed superfoods at fair prices. 

Then we started making that dream a reality.

We started off small by testing the waters with Moldovan honey: we felt this 100% natural raw honey, harvested from the freshest blooms springing from Moldova’s rich black soil, was a great way to introduce Malaysians to the My Naturi superfood experience.

Since then, we’ve expanded our product range to include Malaysian artisanal chocolate and fresh Moldovan Fernor unshelled walnuts.

But this is just the beginning! We have so much more in the pipeline: products that will tickle your tastebuds and work their magic on your body, inside and out.

And we’re so excited to invite you to be a part of the My Naturi journey - we value your voice, and we’d love to have your input on where this fantastic journey goes.

Here’s what we’ve planned so far:

We will be launching a new community programme called My Naturi Seasons, with each season offering a myriad of exciting launches for you to look forward to.

Our very first season, themed ‘A New Beginning’, is geared very much towards opening the doors to a discussion by empowering you to share your opinions.

Starting from June 1, we will be launching a series of community-driven platforms: one online, in the form of a social media group for you to share your thoughts and ask questions, and a real, brick-and-mortar My Naturi Clubhouse, where we will host tasting and mingling events. The Clubhouse will also house a farmers’ market, as well as a tea lounge for you to relax in while feasting on the best My Naturi has to offer!

On top of that, Season One will also see the launches of brand-new products we have scoured the globe for. We’ve spent the last few months tapping into new regions for the freshest, most nutrient-packed products to tantalise your tastebuds and rejuvenate your body, and we can’t wait to unveil them over the next few months!

And the best part? We won’t stop here. As its theme suggests, Season One is only the beginning - we have big plans in store for upcoming seasons as well, and we’re looking forward to your input! 

Here’s a sneak peek at our season schedule:

Season One 
New Beginnings
June 2021 - January 2023

Enjoy access to brand-new products, the My Naturi Clubhouse, social media community platform and more!

Harvest Break - Here, we take a break to take on the lessons we’ve learned from you over the first season, and work to incorporate them into the next season!

Season Two
Fair is Fair
February 2023 - September 2024

Introducing My Naturi Prime, a special programme with exciting, exclusive perks, alongside a new ambassadorship initiative. Also, keep your eyes peeled for brand-new products! We will also focus on adding more initiatives that strengthen our social and environmental responsibilities. So that we can be A Fair One to everyone, our customers, our partners, our employees and our planet. 

Seeding Break - We’ll be taking a break here to prepare exciting new products and community projects for you.

Season Three
On Track, Off Limits

Here, we take you on life-changing experiences, including access to My Naturi talks and My Naturi Experiences - and as always, look out for exciting new products to try!

The seasons won’t stop here - as the community goes from strength to strength, we’d love to hear from you, either online or in our Clubhouse. Let us know what you want to try next, or what events you’d like to attend - we’ll do our best to make those a reality.

This is what we mean by a superfood democracy: join us as we revolutionise the way we eat natural superfoods!

Shop the first new arrivals now.

Lots of love, My Naturi

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