The Malacca Chocolate Bar


Handcrafted for the ones who love chocolate.

Neil's Artisan Chocolates is a Malaysian bean-to-bar chocolate company dedicated towards being the new global standard of quality chocolate and placing Malaysian chocolate on the world stage.

They intend to do this by bringing out exclusive high quality flavours of fine Malaysian cocoa. This 72% dark chocolate, (Alor Gajah, 2020 harvest) has been handpicked, fermented, dried, sorted, roasted, cracked, winnowed, grinded, moulded, tempered and hand wrapped with the utmost care. 

All of their chocolate bars are sourced directly from cocoa farms and handmade by highly skilled chocolate makers. Each bar is vegan friendly, gluten free, and a 100% natural. The signature 72% dark chocolate bars are made in small batches, with only two ingredients. Cocoa & organic brown sugar.

The Malacca Chocolate Bar is a passion project, grinded out during the heart of the lockdown. It has gone through over twenty recipe iterations and is a collaborative effort between various local industry leaders, tastemakers and fellow Malaysians. In this bar, we experience aromas of berries, vine- fruit acidity, and a lingering malt finish.

* Allow chocolate to acclimatise to room temperature before consuming for the best experience. Store in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight. 

Ingredients:  Cacao nibs, cocoa butter, organic unrefined cane sugar.

Nutritional facts (serving size 55g)

  • Energy 1042KJ 
  • Proteins 1g 
  • Total Fat 10g 
  • Saturated fat 6g 
  • Carbohydrates 9g 
  • Sugar 7g 

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