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Robust and woody but not overpowering, with the subtle hint of rosemary


Two teaspoons of this honey before bedtime can help fight sore throats and coughs Helps boost liver health, blood circulation, and mental clarity


  • Use it while baking - rosemary honey creates an interesting contrast to brown sugar and salt
  • Drizzle it over desserts and fruits
  • Use as a marinade for meat


Collected from nectar of rosemary blooms in Spain and bottled in Andorra


Rosemary is a mystical plant used by ancient Egyptians and Greeks, who said this flower has medicinal and magical powers, while Romans considered it a symbol of love. Now, you can taste the magic enclosed in a jar of Le Souffle d'Adore rosemary honey.

Collected by the bees in early spring from rosemary flowers, it resonates as a very aromatic, woody and with strong aftertaste of rosemary spice.

Rosemary honey has an amber clear color and during crystallization tends white. Its texture is quite thick, fine, and smooth. The honey’s aroma has floral hints that rhyme with a very mild flavor. Its scent is not very intense, though. Rosemary honey is really delicious and pure. 

The honey stimulates and tones the entire body and is known for its healing effect on the liver. Of course, the honey’s useful properties are determined by the chemical composition of the plant. Rosemary leaves contain about 2% essential oil, consisting of cineole, camphor, borneol, limonene, which proves blood circulation, combat bad memory, bipolar disorders. Actually, it is a good ally for the fight pinene and camphene. This honey often used as a therapy against mental illnesses. 

  • Natural raw honey, nothing has been added
  • Do not feed raw honey to infants under 12 months of age

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