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Harvested during the month of May, the Wildflower honey brings up the taste of the floral varieties, with a strong aroma and pleasantly sweet. The varied rich floral notes make it a compliment for many types of culinary applications. It is a perfect combination for all varieties of cheeses and is amazing with fresh fruits.

Honey bees make sweet wildflower honey from the fragrant nectar of trees, bushes, flowers, and herbs near their hive, and believe us - that is a magical combination of mild floral aromas and sweetness. 

A sweet product of wild insects is rich in minerals, enzymes, and active ingredients. Our honey is quite dry, rather thick, and concentrated since it is stored longer in the combs and is mature. This is also the reason for its richness in various trace elements and vitamins. By mixing nectar and pollen, wildflower honey becomes an ideal cure for treating seasonal allergies. 

Wildflower honey is characterized by a unique composition that is not similar to other varieties. The organic acids and hormonal components included in it are very useful for the body.  

  • Wildflower Honey will be ideally combined with different types of cheeses with a glass of dry white wine
  • The herb product is used for cosmetic purposes. The composition of the components has a beneficial effect on hair, face, and body skin
  • Add it to natural yogurt, cottage cheese with fruits, or low-fat kefir (cultured yoghurt)
  • Natural raw honey, nothing has been added
  • Do not feed raw honey to infants under 12 months of age

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