This is the perfect gift for honey lovers! We combined 9 distinct honey types in one single box, so you could enjoy a wider variety of our honey. The gift box includes 9 My Naturi honey jars, 28 grams each. 

  • Acacia Honey - the best sugar alternative, has a low glycaemic index and can be consumed even by a person with diabetes.
  • Linden Honey - excellent food for the mind. It activates the brain, helps fight against stress and strengthens the nervous system in general.
  • Poliflower Honey - This honey is a powerful antimicrobial, healing, and cosmetic properties. Classic choice for honey water, and lemonades. 
  • Sage Honey - A tablespoon of this delicious honey works like magic on scratchy, raw throats.
  • Buckwheat Honey - Delicious when drizzled over cheddar or chocolate gelato. Considered as one of the most medicinal honeys around. 
  • Sunflower Honey - Sweet with hints of fruity, Sunflower Honey also contains a high concentration of flavonoids, making it a good choice for those with poor circulation or memory.
  • Coriander Honey - Coriander honey is one of the rarest varieties of honey in the world, providing instant relief for gastritis, ulcers, colic and discomfort.
  • Lavender Honey - Flowery, pleasent and wellbanced, Lavender honey is said to promote a good night's sleep
  • Rapeseed Honey - The high vitamin E content in this honey boosts abdominal health, including the liver and stomach.

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