Basket of Fortune


Celebrate the lunar new year with My Naturi CNY Gift Boxes, full of deliciousness that will make your loved ones smile all year round.

The Basket of Fortune contains,

  • One jar of High Mountain Honey (250g)
  • One jar of Sunflower Honey (250g)
  • One jar of Honeycomb in Acacia Honey (250g)
  • One pack of Honey Chrysanthemum Granola by Granos (250g)
  • One pack of Sobacha: Buckwheat Tea by My Naturi (150g)
  • French Fernor Walnuts (100g)
  • One bar of 85% Sugar Free Chocolate (Kelantan Single Origin) by Chocolate Concierge (50g)
  • One Handmade Honey Dipper

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